Coogee Wine Room is all about great wine. We want you to experience our wine collection secure in the knowledge that they are all delicious wines, which truly represent the varietals and the regions from which they originate. We have some trusted favourites that everyone loves drinking, as well as lots of new producers and multi-generational family producers that you’ll enjoy experiencing for the first time.

Our wine collection has been many years in the making, with wines sourced from cellar door visits in Australia and overseas, from wines enjoyed at restaurants and wine bars that we have subsequently sourced because we loved them that much, from recommendations by our wine mates and from extensive tastings with multiple distributors over the past six months. It has been a tough job, but someone had to do it!

Coogee Wine Room launched with an initial list comprising more than 400 wines from around the world, offering great diversity across grape varietals, regions, prices and vintages. We didn’t want to open a wine bar with all current release wines, notwithstanding how good so many current release wines are becoming, so we have worked hard to provide a good collection of wines from past vintages that are now drinking at their peak.

But it is only the beginning for our wine collection. We are already buying wines to lay down for future drinking, we are already talking to distributors and producers to source wines for future inclusion on our list and we are actively looking for wines from regions that aren’t as well represented on our list as we would like. Although, ultimately the future direction for our list will be shaped by our guests, who will pretty quickly tell us what they want to drink, and our job will be to find those wines for you.

To make such a wonderful wine collection as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, we will have an extensive collection of wines by the glass, with a regular list of about 25 wines supplemented with special bottle openings.

Further, we are pleased to be able to offer our guests the option to order a bottle from the wine list and take a half serving. Too often when we go out, we like to start with a few glasses of white and finish with a few glasses of red. If there aren’t any wines by the glass that take our fancy, we typically need to choose a bottle of white or a bottle of red, as it isn’t every night you need to be drinking a bottle of each. So why not buy a nice bottle of white and take half, and then follow up with half a bottle of red. And if temptation doesn’t overcome you to drink the remaining half, our team will happily find someone else looking for a half bottle, or offer it out by the glass.